In the year 2012, Gopala Sundara Raj and R.V. Karnan secured the 5th and the 158th ranks respectively in the Civil Services Exam results.

Raj’s parents, who couldn’t study beyond primary school in their childhood, always wanted to put him in English medium background of school but had to drop the idea just because of bad financial conditions. However, they could not believe it when their son cleared IAS despite not having studied in a sophisticated environment, proving that poverty can never be an obstruction in the way of success if you are dedicated to your dreams.

If you don’t believe in the mantra of trying again and again regardless of how many times you’ve already failed, maybe you ought to go through K. Jayaganesh’s journey of becoming an IAS officer. The man hails from a poor family and did many odd jobs, including working as a waiter, before make his dream come true.

Setting an example for IAS aspirants, Jayaganesh secured 156th rank in his last chance and got selected for Indian Administrative Services. Krishnan, Jayaganesh’s father worked as a supervisor in a factory, brought him up in Vinavamangalam, a small village in Vellore district. Jayaganesh is the eldest of his siblings (a brother and two sisters) and completed his schooling after studying in the village up to the 8th standard.

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