Nano Science & Technology / Instrumentation Lab

Centre for Nano- Science and Technology / Central Instrumental Lab​

Centre for Nano- Science and Technology (CNST) and Central Instrumental Lab (CIL) established to pursue interdisciplinary research and education facilitation and probing inherent synergy between Physical, Biological, Chemical and Engineering Sciences with a focus on nanoscale systems. Socio-economic and environmental aspects of different process and products so developed shall be essential component of all research activities. The Center was established in 2021 due to the enormous potential of research in the field of manufacturing and production, environmental sciences, drug delivery and discovery, nano-electronics and quantum computing. Broad research areas at CNST include nano-synthesis, nanomaterials and devices, nano-electronics, nanoscale phenomenon, nanofabrication, Nano polymeric materials, nano-biotechnology and biomaterials, health applications, solar cells and computational nano-engineering. The faculty members from different departments at CPUH are associated. The center offers various academic and research activities of different levels, and has close interactions with the industry. CNST/CIL housed on the CPUH campus, is surrounded by lush greenery dotted with beautiful flowering trees. The ambience is ideal for the research community to carry out the activities in a serene atmosphere.


To facilitate interdisciplinary and advanced research in various fields of Science & Technology at Nanoscale among the various departments of university including Physics, chemistry, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Mathematics, Zoology, Computer Science leading to the development of innovative products for societal benefits.


To establish the Centre of Excellence in the field of Nanoscience technology for developing technologies through Research, Awareness and Consultancy. Educate all about presence of Nano Technology in day-to-day life and create System designers, Scientists, Researchers, Product designers, Nano Technologists.

Objective and Aims

To establish the Centre of excellence and conduct research, development and consultancy services in the related field of nano-science and technology.  This Centre is the umbrella organization for expanding and coordinating CPUH research and educational activities in nanoscale science and technology.

 Basic Research Promotion –The creation of Centre of excellence for pursuing studies and basic research by individual scientists and/or groups of scientists, leading to the fundamental understanding of matter that enables control and manipulation at the nanoscale.

 Infrastructure Development and Collaborations for Nano Science & Technology Research – The chain of shared facilities establishment and collaborations across the country and worldwide for Nano research with required sophisticated equipment.  Creation of a dynamic teaching and research atmosphere that will promote interaction and synergies among the different groups of scientists working in the field of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. Establishment of joint collaborative teaching and research programs with the upcoming industries in the field of Nanotech.

Nano Applications and Technology Development Programs– To catalyze Applications and Technology Development Programs leading to product developments and devices. Also, the organization of joint workshops/ conferences / fetching joint research projects on national as well as international levels.

Ø  Human Resource Development – Emergence of a genuine interdisciplinary culture for nanoscale science, engineering, and technology through effective education and training to researchers and professionals in diversified fields.