About TEC

Academia is the prime resource in any country for generating new knowledge and its conversion to wealth. However, the absence of effective institutional mechanisms in academia for translating R&D output into technological wealth is a big impediment. TDT Division has been implementing Technology related programs since the inception of DST. Its success in terms of indigenous technology development has been satisfactory; however, the contribution to this from the University system is yet to be optimized. It has been deliberated several times on institutionalizing industry-academia interaction, wherein creation of an enabling ecosystem has always emerged as an issue remaining to be effectively tackled. Establishment of Technology Enabling Centres (TEC) in the University System is a step forward in this direction.


  • To create a Research and Innovation Ecosystem for Technology Development in the University and other stakeholders in vicinity
  • To provide a platform to students/faculty/startups/ entrepreneurs for networking with industry, other institutes, National laboratories etc.
  • To develop the lab facilities for advance research and technologies in the University
  • To enable students/faculty/stakeholders to become a useful human capital by commercializing their products with the support of Incubators/MSMEs/Market
  • The activities and outputs envisaged through TEC

    • Mining of Technologies being developed at various labs/institutions in and around the University and promoting them to technology commercialization level – Technology translation into commercialization
    • Mapping of technology requirements of MSMEs in and around and matching with the expertise available for fruitful collaboration for product realization – Marketable product prototypes and feasibility of scale-up
    • Evaluating maturity of the identified Technologies (Products/Process or both) for further development by associating appropriate expertise and facilitating required support – pilot-scale production for market entry
    • To carry out the Market Study/Assessment of the Technologies for their Market Potential and Preparing reports etc. and form teams of relevant stakeholders to initiate technology development – Technology solutions
    • To recommend the Pilot stage development & co-development of the technologies with established Institutions/Industries to make the Technology as Market ready product to DST – Potential products in the market in near future addressing national need
    • Networking with various Technology Development Institutions & Labs for refining of the technologies – Facilitating design and development for commercial prototyping
    • Periodic Workshops/Seminars in Collaboration with Industries – skill development through certification courses and suggestion for curriculum upgradation
    • To bring out TEC Newsletter & Bulletin on Quarterly basis (outreach, promotion and awareness) covering the above activities.