Directorate of Research & Development

The Directorate of Community Services of the University has adopted 75 villages and across the state and has helped farmers towards crop diversification and adoption of modern
technologies which has led to 35% increase in the crop yield raising farmer’s income by 224% with an input-output ratio of 1: 3.24. The Directorate of Community services is associated with a number of Govt. Organizations like Indian Council of Agriculture Research – Delhi, ICAR- Directorate of Rapeseed-Mustard Research, Rajasthan, Unna Bharat Abhiyan- an initiative of GoI, Indian Grassland Folder Research Institute- Jhansi, GoI for extending the latest available farm technologies to the farmers.

In 2015, the Career Point University, Hamirpur (H.P.) launched a new strategy for research titled as Research and Development (R & D) for ensuring excellence by investigator-driven research for challenges as our place and purpose, fostering health and wellbeing, and supporting sustainability and resilience. These challenges offer researchers the opportunity to help solve some of the most difficult problems challenging the world.

Major focus of the University’s Research and Development is the development of strong collaborative partnerships which provide the opportunity to strengthen the impact of University research efforts and investigating in Interdisciplinary Research.

Research and Development established two R & D Laboratories in the campus equipped with latest instruments.

Director of Research & Co-operative Studies

Dr. Kuldeep Sharma(8261001322)