E – Herbarium is an innovative effort and steps in R & D in the field of biological sciences by Career Point University-Hamirpur to offer services for easy accessibility, rapid search and retrieval of information, and the ability to share data globally. It was launched officially in May 2023. An e-herbarium, also known as a digital herbarium or virtual herbarium, is a digital repository or database that stores and provides access to plant specimens and associated information. It will serve as a valuable tool for botanists, researchers, and plant enthusiasts by digitising and preserving plant specimens, including their detailed images, taxonomic data, and geographic information. E-herbariums enable users to access a vast collection of plant specimens online, facilitating research, identification, and conservation efforts. With the advancement of technology and digitization, e-herbariums have become an essential resource for studying and documenting the rich biodiversity of plant species, aiding in the understanding and protection of our natural environment.
Below are the details of the research scholars in chronological order who uploaded data on E-Herbarium after being assigned accession numbers to every plant specimen by the Department of biosciences.
Sr. No. Name Enrollment No. Name of Supervisor Accession No. Allotted by Department Date of Upload Access Link
1. Naveen Gautam H13214 Prof. (Dr.) K.S. Verma (Former Vice Chancellor – CPUH) CPUH 10501 to CPUH 10613 25-05-2023 Click Here