Indigenous Food System & Public Health


1. To promote the traditional foods of Himachal Pradesh.
2. To promote wild vegetables along with their health benefits.
3. To encourage people to do organic farming.
4. To generate employment at the local level.
5. One-week training-cum-certificate program to promote traditional foods of Himachal Pradesh.


1. We can arrange an awareness camp, seminar, workshop, and expert talk in the village in order to aware the people.

2. Organize food festivals or events showcasing traditional Himachali Cuisine.

3. Partner with local restaurants and hotels to feature Himachali dishes on their menus . Encourage them to use locally sourced ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to preserve the authenticity of the cuisine. (ITC Shimla)

4. Partner with doctors, nutritionists, and dieticians to promote the health benefits of wild vegetables. Seek their support in spreading awareness through articles, videos,
and public talks. Encourage them to recommend wild vegetables as part of a healthy diet.

5. Organize workshops, training sessions, and awareness programs to educate farmers and individuals about the benefits and techniques of organic farming. Provide them with practical guidance on organic fertilizers, pest control, crop rotation, and soil management.

6. Encourage and support the establishment of small-scale enterprises and startups by providing access to capital, mentorship, and business development services. Promote locally made products and services to boost the local economy.

7. The training program ensures the transmission of traditional cooking techniques, recipes, and knowledge to a new generation. This helps preserve the cultural heritage associated with Himachali cuisine.



Sr.NoFaculty NameDesignation
1.Dr. Vineet KumarChairperson (HM)
2.Mr. Vinod KumarConvenor (TPO)
3.Mr. Akshay ThakurMember (HM)
4.Mr. Shailesh VermaMember (HM)
5.Mr. Akshay ThakurMember (HM)
6.Mr. Mohit AtriMember Secretary (HM)