Pioneer Incubator


The Pioneer Incubator was established in the university on 27th September 2019. In collaboration with the Department of Industry Govt of Himachal Pradesh under the Chief Minister’s Start-up /Innovation Projects /New Industries Scheme. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Department of Industry and Career Point University Hamirpur. The funds to the tune of rupees 80,00000 (Eighty lakhs). were provisioned to give support for entrepreneurial and managerial development of Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) To undertake and promote entrepreneurial activities in the region.
The main function of the center is to nucleate innovation and make the incubation ready for the industry’s requirements. It supports and development of innovation and start-up ecosystems at the institute/local/ regional level. It provides a community-oriented approach to the capacity development of the local community in the social entrepreneurship sector. It also makes partnerships with local industries/institutions, State/Central Government, and non-government agencies to mobilize resources for innovation, skill enhancement, and entrepreneurship. It makes rejuvenation and improvisation of traditional indigenous innovations, skills, and entrepreneurship sectors. It gives outreach and awareness programs on innovation, skill enhancement, and entrepreneurship. It provides social and community transformation through enabling technology and processes.


We are a small operational team of ten that is guided by a large network of advisors. We follow a flat organizational structure. Everybody gets their hands dirty with everything. If you
are passionate about supporting innovative ideas and being around startups, you are free to join our team. We work round the clock to ensure quick support to the startups that we
support. Look out for opportunities to work with us. If you have an idea to contribute please contact us on our university website. We are open to like and different-minded, passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation.


To serve as a Pioneer incubator to nurture and guide entrepreneurial initiatives with social and/or economic objectives.


To foster Research and Development (R&D) and Entrepreneurship to spawn knowledge-intensive initiatives that would develop innovations beneficial to society as a whole.

Future Plan

During the next three years, we will incubate at least 100 startups every year. Over the next five years, we will disburse about INR 20 Cr to startups through various programs. Pioneer
incubator is emerging as the leading incubator with a special focus on technological innovation for the Himalayan Region. We are creating an aspirational, cutting-edge environment with the best technology infrastructure to ensure the success of innovative ideas. We continuously strive to be known as a high-touch incubator that provides personalized handholding
support that early-stage startup ideas need. We plan to create multi-institutional partnerships to focus on building solutions for the ecological and social needs of the Himalayan region. ‘Digital First’ will become the new normal post-Covid-19. Startups would like to incubate from a location such as Career Point University Hamirpur. We are preparing to support the team. We will set up a dedicated Fabrication Lab in 2020-21 in addition to the labs at Career Point University Hamirpur. We are planning to add more infrastructure and people to the team.

Facilities/Handholding Support:

1. Infrastructure and Co-working space
2. Advisory and Mentoring Support
3. Technical Lab/Workshop facility
4. Administrative and secretarial facility
5. Networking and linkages with industry and investors
6. Funding support from the Department of Industries and angel investors

Dr. Vijay Kumar (8219800603)

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