Student Welfare Council

  University Students Council


 (a)        To Promote quality of academic and campus life in the University.

 (b)       Create an enabling environment that aims to the holistic and integrated development of an individual’s personality including intellectual, physical, emotional, moral, and ethical                       aspects in search of truth.

 (c)        Enable students to transform into ideal citizens and national assets. Also prepare students to contribute significantly to the process of nation-building and the development of a                  harmonious society.

 (d)       In view of the comprehensive importance of education, everyone has a right for education in an academic institution.

 (e)        To ensure active participation of students in the academic and social activities for their overall development.


(a)        To ensure the maintenance of proper academic atmosphere and orderliness amongst the students;

(b)       To promote the corporate social and cultural life of students and to train them in their duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship

(c)      To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, discipline and spirit of service among students;

(d)       To coordinate and organize the activities of various committees / societies / clubs in the university in close cooperation with the university authorities.

(e)        To help in the organization of academic / cultural and sports activities in the University

(f)        To create conducive academic atmosphere free of violence and fear psychosis in campus including hostels.

(g)        Strengthen students-faculty linkage by motivating students to establish meaningful connect with the teacher.


Dean of Student Welfare

Dr. Sourabh Kumar(9816696983).