Technology Enabling Center

DST TEC-Career Point University Hamirpur

Technology Enabling Center (TEC) is a facility or organization that focuses on providing technological resources, support, and services to enable innovation, research, and development activities. TECs are often established in collaboration with academic institutions, government agencies, or industry partners to foster technological advancements in specific fields.


 To create a Research and Innovation Ecosystem for Technology Development in the  University and other stakeholders in the vicinity
 To provide a platform to students/faculty/startups/ entrepreneurs for networking with industry, other institutes, National laboratories, etc.
 To develop the lab facilities for advanced research and technologies in the University
 To enable students/faculty/stakeholders to become useful human capital by commercializing their products with the support of Incubators/MSMEs/Market

The activities and outputs envisaged through TEC

 Mining of Technologies being developed at various labs/institutions in and around the University and promoting them to technology commercialization level –Technology translation into commercialization

 Mapping of technology requirements of MSMEs in and around and matching with the expertise available for fruitful collaboration for product realization – Marketable product prototypes and feasibility of scale-up

 Evaluating maturity of the identified Technologies (Products/Processes or both) for further development by associating appropriate expertise and facilitating required support – pilot-scale production for market entry

 To carry out the Market Study/Assessment of the Technologies for their Market Potential and Prepare reports etc. and form teams of relevant stakeholders to initiate technology development – Technology solutions

 To recommend the Pilot stage development & co-development of the technologies with established Institutions/Industries to make the Technology as Market ready product to DST – Potential products in the market shortly addressing national need

 Networking with various Technology Development Institutions and labs for refining the technologies – Facilitating design and development for commercial prototyping

 Periodic Workshops/Seminars in Collaboration with Industries – skill development through certification courses and suggestions for curriculum upgradation

 To bring out the TEC Newsletter & Bulletin every quarter (outreach, promotion, and awareness) covering the above activities.

Brief Reports on Expert Lectures Oragnized by CPU-TEC Click Here

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor along with the members of the University attended the 4th Power Conclave of CII Himachal Pradesh held on 29 September 2023 Shimla. We are an active member of CII Himachal Pradesh.

Project Engineer at DST-TEC CPUH, played a pivotal role in facilitating the transfer of technology developed by Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Thakur Mechanical Tool, and Thakur Agro.​


Er. Puneet Kumar, Project Engineer at DST-TEC CPU, engaged in a discussion with Research Scholar of Mr. Ravi Kumar, Mr. Vikram Singh, Ms. Shweta, Ms. Shilpa, Ms. Savita Soni, and Mr. Nilesh Thakur. .

A meeting was held between Er. Puneet Kumar, Project Engineer at DST-TEC, CPUH, and Mr. Gagan Kapoor, Chairman of CII Himachal Pradesh, and Chairman of Pulkit Industries, Pulkit Fresh & Healthy, Pulkit Cold Chain Logistics, and Sai All Seasons Fruits & Vegetables.

Er. Puneet Kumar, Project Engineer at DST-TEC CPU, engaged in a discussion with Mr. Sumit Singh and Mr. Rattan Chand to explore strategies aimed at promoting the product and establishing strong links between startups and the industry.

Er. Puneet Kumar, Project Engineer, DST-TEC at CPU, Hamirpur, and Dr. P J Singh, the distinguished Chairman of Cll Punjab and CMD of Tynor Orthotics Pvt. Ltd., came together to explore exciting possibilities for collaboration and partnerships. The primary focus of the meeting was to discuss how DST-TEC, CPU and the diverse companies under CIl could join forces to foster mutual growth, technology, and innovation

Puneet Kumar, Project Engineer at DST-TEC, CPUH and Dr. Ram Avatar is a Retired Project Officer Yoga, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, with 40 Years of experience in Yoga, Meditation & Traditional Medicine. He is full of patriotism and continuously contributes to the field of health and welfare of Human beings.

Er. Puneet Kumar, Project Engineer at DST-TEC CPU, engaged in a discussion with Ms. Pranjal Sharma to explore strategies aimed at promoting the product and establishing strong links between startups and the industry.


Significant interaction with the Hon’ble Sh. Mukesh Agnihotri, Deputy Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, during the 3rd meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Himachal Pradesh Council.

We're overjoyed to announce the successful transfer of two patents from the brilliant Research Scholar, Mr. Ashish Jaiswal, in the Microbiology Department at CPUH.

Warm greetings to all, as we reflect on the insightful lecture delivered by Mr. Harjinder Singh Cheema, the esteemed former Chairman of Cheema Boilers Limited. We were truly honored to host Mr. Cheema as an expert speaker for a lecture on the compelling subject of "Scaling the Innovation."

Er. Puneet Kumar, a Project Engineer at DST-TEC CPUH, has actively participated in the upcoming Tenth Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, an esteemed international forum for business networking, knowledge exchange, and strategic partnerships.